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Step 1- DIY Quote Builder

Notice in the upper right hand corner- the qu
ote prices for "professional firm", "freelance" and "offshore". You can see in order a standardized current market value that web design services cost in The State of Hawaii from either a professional firm or freelance agent (Offshore stats based on Indian, Pakistani & Chinese developers). Quotes are generated by a current hourly market rate for freelancers and depend on the services you require. Please enter all of this information into the contact form I have provided under the "contact" tab in the menu.   My discount matrix will be applied and a rough invoice will be sent to you via e-mail once I have generated your quote. From there if you are interested, I offer a one hour, no commitment, free consultation at my office.
Discount Design Matrix
Cost Rank
Professional Firm 
  $ 1,000
  $ 600
  $ 400
 @ Sign Web Design
  $ 300
 **Promotional price is subject to services provided and does not necessarily reflect a definitively set discount matrix**
**Discounts avaliable to all small businesses operating in HI.